Food and Beverage
Our Company is experienced in PLC programming and modification for food and beverage industry. The biggest benefit in using a PLC for production is the ability to change and replicate the operation or process whilst collecting and communicating vital information. In addition, a PLC system is modular which allows users to mix and match the types of Input and Output devices to best suit their application.

Our projects in this sector range from monitoring and controlling standalone machines and equipment such as chill rooms and ovens to entire production lines covering filtration, blending, drying, evaporation, product handling, packaging and labelling.

Monitoring and control can provide instant feedback and status of machinery and equipment, but in order to make use of such data for better plant management and facilitate decision making purposes, it is common for plants to integrate a Manufacturing Execution System (“MES”) solution.

We provide MES solutions to manufacturing plants looking to improve overall production efficiency and quality.  Various aspects of MES include, management of product definitions across the product life-cycle, resource scheduling, order execution & dispatch, production analysis & downtime management for overall equipment effectiveness (“OEE”) and product quality.

We have worked with Food and Beverage businesses of different sizes, ranging from domestic production facilities to multinational corporations, helping them to design and implement the aforementioned solutions, ultimately reducing hefty labour & material costs as well as machinery downtime resulting to an overall increase in equipment efficiency, product quality and most importantly, profit margin.