Industrial Control Systems Protection

Having implemented a number of control systems for our clients over the past 10 years, we see there is a growing need for operators and managers to become aware of the importance of industrial cybersecurity.  This is further substantiated by recent studies which show more than 78% of industrial control systems are in fact connected externally (either directly or indirectly) without plant operators knowing. 

There are many common misconceptions people make when associating cybersecurity with industrial networks such as security through obscurityor assuming the network is air-gapped”.  Nowadays, these beliefs can no longer be applied as industrial systems are becoming more complex (often interconnecting with other systems on the enterprise level) and exploits / tools are easily accessible for the average script kiddie to download and inject.  The notorious Stuxnet attack which destroyed Iran's nuclear facility, costing them billions of dollars, was also said to be initiated by an inside employee.  With these emerging trends, there is an even greater need to have 100% visibility, security and control across industrial environments.

As industrial cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly common, our Company has the experience to provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to customers who are serious with plant-floor security.  Unlike IT security, the Operational Technology (OT) network runs on a variety of protocols which can only be picked up by OT specific security systems. 

Our solution can assist clients in detecting potential threats (including any network anomalies), track factory connected devices (to ensure there are no unknown or suspicious devices) and manage overall industrial network risks.  Ultimately, customers can operate their facilities with a peace of mind.