Network Infrastructure

A state of the art communication network infrastructure is crucial and acts as the backbone of process control systems.  With the rising trend of Industry 4.0, many manufactures stress on developing robust networks to allow large amounts of data to be exchanged reliably and efficiently. Nam Wah Intelligent Automation can help you design, implement and maintain your network infrastructure, providing a reliable and fault-tolerant system critical to your plant operations. We can provide all types of industrial network design from device-level networks such as Device-Net, Hart, ProfiBus and Foundation Fieldbus, I/O and drive networks such as ControlNet, to the Peer-to-Peer Networks such as Modbus and Ethernet.

Our abilities in network design are wide. Services that we offer include:

  • Backup power and cooling design
  • Switching and routing
  • Fault tolerant architectures
  • Fiber optic and copper-based designs
  • Network security design
  • WAN/LAN configuration