System Commissioning

Nam Wah Intelligent Automation employs a combination of standardized and tailored approach to commissioning systems to ensure they perform according to industry best practices and individual project specifications. 

We use external software to simulate real world inputs when carrying out factory acceptance tests.  All errors and faults are logged and corrective actions to the program is carefully followed up and remedied.  Re-testing is arranged to ensure no additional errors and faults are captured. By conducting a thorough factory acceptance test simulation, it ensures that when the control and monitoring system is brought to the field for site acceptance test, the program logic has already been verified and our engineers can focus on validating field equipment and wiring.

Our key purposes of conducting system commissioning is to ensure:

  • The hardware and software work according to specification
  • Network communications and interfaces function properly
  • The application program satisfies the design requirements and works within the hardware
  • Support and interface systems perform as specified
  • Hardware and bills of material are complete
  • System integration is complete
  • The graphical interface presents data as expected