IoT Solutions

With the rising trend of Internet of Things (IoT) and new methods of aquiring data (including the use of Low Powered devices and Long Range network protocols), data aquisition and monitoring has never been easier.  This is no exception for industrial systems as more rugged IoT devices are now currently available for deployment in extreme and harsh environments. 

As a market leader in Control and Monitoring Systems, we leverage our rich knowledge and assist customers in applying IoT solutions in industrial environments that match their needs.  Whether it is creating a new independent IoT System for the plant or integrating with existing PLC / SCADA system, we are able to deliver systems that are on par with industrial standards.  Protocols that are used in IoT systems include Cellular, LoRaWAN, Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee and more.  Example of IoT systems fit for industries across multiple sectors include:

-Outdoor and Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Alerting System

-Water Quality Monitoring Systems

-Water Pressure, Flow and Level Sensing Systems

-Water Leak Detection System

-Machine Condition Monitoring and Predictive System

-Temperature and Humidity Monitoring and Alerting System